Hi! Hola! Salut! Ciao!

Hi there!

I want to welcome you to our newly redesigned website!

My name is Andrew and I manage our photo booth! It has taken several years in the making to perfect the experience of our booth! But this year, we have finally worked out all the kinks and have (IMO) an exceptional photo booth that creates not only a fun and laughable atmosphere, but also a experience that people will talk about years after your wedding day!

I take great pride in posing people, especially large groups of people, to ensure that the photos come out perfect, free of shadows and having everyone’s face being seen! Taking the time to do little tweaks like this ensures beautiful photos! And yes, even though the thought of a photo booth is generally a quick ‘one and done’ silly photo… But, for me, I know people will put these photos some where in their home and see them quite often, so, like your wedding photos, I wanted from the get go to create silly photos that are also high quality!

This year, we upgraded all of our equipment which was very exciting!! I love our new camera, our printer is lightening speed and high quality, and our new program is completely customizable!!

We can add your company logo for parties or events, if you have a custom hashtag for your wedding, we can add that!

Anything and everything can be custom! So excited!

We are currently booking Christmas and Holiday parties for the 2017 season and booking 2018 Weddings and Events! Contact us today to reserve the booth for your party!! Stay tuned for more blogs to come!

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