My wife is a incredible wedding photographer and as her business began to take off, I quickly realized that I would not be seeing her on the weekends.

Our solution? To work together! But I didn’t want to do wedding photography with her, I wanted something else… Something that would not only allow me to interact with people but also be fun, social, and above all, completely over the top! And boom! Our photo booth was born!

Knowing that I did not want a box booth, or flimsy extendable booth, I decided to embark on something new and different! The open air, studio style set up allows for huge groups to be in one single photo, and this is exactly what I wanted! Because who wants to be in a tiny booth with yourself and one other person?

We are professional, state-of-the-art, and bring so much energy to your event!

We are Strike a Pose Photo Booth.

Our Mission

It’s simple. We want to provide the best photo booth experience possible!

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